Football Picks: 2012 NFL Conference Odds

2012 NFL Conference Odds against the bookies has begun with every division sporting a few lines that look a little juicy. The Favorites go as follows to win the division and our football picks experts has spotted the “live” sports odds underdogs with an appointing asterisk next to the underrated teams. We like Patriots with mastermind Bill Bellichick and QB Tom Brady to win it all again but we found some sleepers within each divsion to hit big payouts on the sports odds.

 2012 NFL Conference Odds

NFC East

Eagles 7/5
Giants 8/5
Cowboys 11/5
***Redskins 7/1

NFC North

Packers 1/2
***Lions    5/2
Bears   7/2
Vikings 15/1

NFC South

Saints 5/9
Falcons 2/1
***Panthers 4/1
Buccaneers 15/1

NFC West

49ers 5/13
Cardinals 7/2
Seahawks 4/1
***Rams 10/1

AFC East

Patriots 1/3
Jets 7/2
Bills 5/1
***Dolphins 9/1

AFC North

Ravens 6/5
Steelers 3/2
***Bengals 12/5
Browns 11/1

AFC South

Houston 1/5
***Titans  7/2
Jaguars 10/1
Colts 10/1
AFC West

Broncos 8/5
***Chargers 11/5
Chiefs 5/2
Raiders 3/1

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